How to Make your Tradeshows more Fun-Tech Inclusion

Do you want to capture high-quality leads instantly and ensure your tradeshow booth events go perfectly as you plan? Stading out from the rest of the participants/organisation in a tradeshow may look daunting. However, it isn’t as hard as breaking a brick wall with your head.

By following a few quality principles and technology rentals for tradeshow tips, you can make a great tradeshow appearance/attendance and can attract high-quality customers and leads.

Tradeshow and exhibitions are always advantageous for your business. Whether you are a technology company or a beverage producer, it gives you the ideal opportunity to meet new people and expand your overall network.

Moreover, iPad rental for tradeshows can allow you to expand the overall quality of your leads and conversion tactics. As a strategic business, your aim is HIGH!

So let us help you make the best business decisions to get the best bang for your buck with tech rental for events help. We want you to make the most of your investment this year. So, join us as we dive into the world of technology rental for tradeshows and how it can help you get the best of your ROI.

Here are the BEST and most effective ideas for tradeshow enhancement and adding more fun and games to your tradeshow.

Ways to Make Tradeshows More Fun

Let us know which trade show enhancement ideas sound more fun to you and which one of them you are a perfect fit for your organization. Here are our ‘greatest’ ones.

1. Touch screens or tablets

The first tip is to set up touch screen tablets in your tradeshow to spice things up.

These iPads and gadgets will act like lead magnets for your visitors. For example, you can opt into by submitting their email address or other contact information.

Your prospects of getting new clients and attracting them can skyrocket. This is where the tablet rental for events company can help you!

2. Use social media for Interactive Appearance

Yes! People love this thing and it isn’t going anywhere. Its SOCIAL MEDIA.

Your audiences may be craving to share their thoughts on the social platforms you created pages on. For instance, your Instagram page can help your guests to interact in person with your team. Social media acts as a greater means of communication for you. This means if your business is located on social media, potential customers can scope out your business in their own time.

Having a solid social media presence also communicates that you care about hearing from them in the future. This is why you need a good tech rental agency for tradeshows to boost SM incorporation.

3. Video

Another great way to drive the attention of your potential clients to your products is to include videos to your tradeshows.

This way, they can pay attention to your exhibit and show off your products and services. That’s a cool proposition to get a bang for your buck.

Moreover, data from Wyzowl company shows that in 2019, almost 96% of people said they loved watching an explainer video to learn more about a product or service of their desired company.

4. Create a Video Wall

Instead of having an interactive screen that attendees can interact with, you can create a video wall in your tradeshow. It can do wonders for you as you add more information you want them to learn.

Adding a video wall can have a tremendous impact. You can even rental an LCD for tradeshow to ensure attendees never miss out on any information they are looking for. This is the purpose of their coming to a tradeshow. With TV screens and LCDs, you can show off different displays and pieces of information.

4. Enhance Tradeshow with a Giant iPad

You can use giant touchscreens to display information your attendees want. Trade shows can be hectic places. This means there can be a lot of noise and integrating a large iPad screen can help you set yourself apart from the crowd.

5. Bring to Life with Augmented Reality

Say you are selling beauty products or dog training kits in the market, your goal must be able to show attendees what they’ll look like with your product, or how their dog would look like in the latter case.

That will help clients not spend hours putting it on their faces. You can simplify the process by using an augmented reality rental for tradeshows to help your clients try different products.

Furthermore, if they fall in love with the look, they’re more likely to add those products to their shopping carts before leaving your booth.

 Bonus Tip

Offer free Wi-Fi, a phone charging station, and a lounge area. This is another one of those tips that can add more fun and value to your tradeshow.

Offering free Internet can allow you to slide quickly into the good graces of trade show participants. They will get a free access to your Wi-Fi hotspot; that will attract them towards your booth and find creative ways to present their queries and discussions around the area you’re using.

Conclusive Words

Since visitors in a tradeshow appreciate a viable solution to enhance their engagement and get the best product information, adding these technology rental devices will add more fun to your tradeshow. And your best affordable technology rental company for tradeshows is always ready to help you!

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