How to Avoid the Laptop Rental Nightmare-Top Tips

If you’re aiming to lease laptops for upcoming business events, you wouldn’t want to burn your bank and feel embarrassed in front of the audience.

ALL businesses need technologies such as gadgets, iPads, laptops, LCD screens, and printers, etc. to meet their requirements in outdoor events. First you need to make sure that laptops you are hiring for events are in prime and top condition.

Second, there is always a fear of getting things messed up during a business event or a tradeshow.

If you want to avoid the laptop leasing nightmare, you need more than just financial resources. You need wisdom and a whole lot of care.

With that said, let us take you into the nitty-gritty details of how to save your team from a laptops renting nightmare. Not only you should work with an affordable laptop leasing organisation, but also must avoid making mistakes to further push you into the abyss.

So here are top tips to avoid laptop rental mistakes which can turn into a huge nightmare.

Renting a Laptop for Business Events Isn’t Always Freaking Delicious

As we said, you need to consider a plethora of things before you could actually rent a laptop for business events. In addition to working with a trusted and reputed technology rental organization, you need to figure out the right questions to ask your team too.

It means you need to make an effort to get the right information to pick the best technology pieces available, and yet not breaking your bank.

Businesses and startups in the US have been renting laptops for decades. Would it feel great to call a laptop rental company and tell them to cancel your laptop lease order for business events? Or would it be a great idea to work with cancelled my laptop rental, and my event is in three days!” Think about it twice!

In the worst-case scenario, it will stress out your employees and audiences will not pay attention to your products without adequate technology rental from a reliable laptop leasing company.

Being a customer of a wrong technology rental company for events, you won’t get much friendly support to avoid pitfalls of hiring the wrong technology for business events.

Below, we’ve compiled list of the most important and daunting questions you must ask before you rent a laptop for a business event. In other words, you should ALWAYS ask these questions before renting a laptop computer from a laptop leasing company in your area or locality.

Let’s dive straight into them because these questions if you ask properly can change your life for good.

What’s the difference between renting and leasing laptops?

Before we dive into our TOP questions to guide you about avoiding laptop renting nightmare, a little about the difference between renting and leasing a laptop.

What is Laptop Rental for Business Events Vs Purchasing a Laptop

Renting a laptop for short-term is no joke. Even if you rent a technology for events for a week or a month, it requires proper planning. Renting means not buying a new technology and instead, relying on paying rent and use a tablet, laptop, or smartphone for a few weeks or a month.

Leasing a laptop for events can span to longer periods — usually a year or longer. However, the leasing option also means you have a choice to buy the IT equipment at the end of the lease term. What a cool opportunity!

However, that’s not the case for all lease agreements. Whereas, laptop buying is paying an upfront amount to claim the asset on spot. That won’t allow you to replace it or change to a new model immediately.

The most common uses of not buying a laptop and leasing a few pieces are:

  • Trainings and coaching events
  •  Business conferences and other events
  • Business meetings
  • Tradeshows
  • Birthday parties and personal events

How to Avoid Laptop Rental Nightmare

Like any industry, some rental companies will be more reliable and established than others. But when you know the answers to these questions, you can be confident you’ve picked the right partner and that your rental will go off without a hitch.

sometimes only a few days. These laptops also need to have all software and settings pre-installed. It’s important that laptops being used to show off specific software be fast and high quality, with a dedicated video card and the highest amount of processing speed.

Ask the following crucial questions before you rent a laptop for events:

  • What conditions will the laptop rental agency delivery you the technology pieces? Are they in prime shape and condition?
  • What will happen to your data files at the end of the lease period? Or when you return the laptop?
  • How will you ensure that your customization will be correct for that particular event?
  • Does the technology rental organization have the technical staff with capabilities to set up software and hardware? What about hardware malfunction?
  • What will happen if you place the order for multiple times?

And…the BEST never-to-skip question is:

  • How can you ensure the tech rental agency is offering you the best price?

So, in few final words, we recommend asking all of these vital questions from the laptop rental agency and never to skip them to avoid nightmares ahead.

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