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    Elevate Annual Investor Meetings with Array on iPads©

    Engage investors securely, reliably and efficiently at annual meetings. Offer your investors a business class experience in meetings without network disruptions or hard-to-use technology. You’ll improve engagement and land key messages easier.

    • Create an engaging experience
    • Keep it secure
    • Be more sustainable

    Combine Reliable Technology with Award-Winning Engagement

    With our strategic partnership with Array, Tablet Hire makes this award-winning, patented content engagement software solution available for all customers. Transform investor meetings with professional content delivery that will drive participation. Gain actionable insights from every event that will help you make strategic business decisions. Get in touch with us today and hire iPads, laptops, and other devices fully integrated with Array for maximum content delivery efficiency.

    Engage Attendees and Inspire Alignment

    Array partners with private equity firms to deliver important events such as Annual Investor Meetings, Due Diligence Meetings, and Advisory Boards. For each meeting, Array builds and manages a fully branded content engagement platform, optimized for their managed iPads©. Interactive features, such as polling or gamification, are designed to increase participation with both the content and speakers to make sure your important messages are received by everyone.


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    Flawlessly Deliver Content

    Hotel Wi-Fi networks can be unreliable and don’t offer the high level of security required when there are critical fund, portfolio and investor data in play. Slow and unreliable internet connections on Investor’s own devices can also limit their experience during a meeting. With Array, your content is delivered seamlessly on iPads via a proprietary secure local network, installed by their on-site technical team to ensure data security and performance reliability.

    Benefit from a Business Class Experience

    The look and feel of the Array platform offers the business class aesthetic you need to make the best impression. It is configured and fully built out by their team to incorporate the look, design, and branding elements you need. Array offers you business class service, too. They work with you from planning through the meeting itself to ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes Array’s onsite team making last-minute changes to content, controlling what investors see on the platform (such as feedback, polling, Q&A forms), or even quickly pivoting the agenda and content based on real-time feedback.

    Onsite Support

    To ensure your investors feel comfortable and ready to engage, Array’s team positions the iPads on tables ready for the opening session. They are also there to help them login and provide support to anyone who needs it, from experienced techno-junkies to old-school technophobes. Array also can offer best practices when using the platform. Array’s team provides remote user support for hybrid meetings and speaker management, and can record the meeting live and make it available for viewing after. They also provide actionable insights into which content and speakers resonated most to help you plan future meetings or engagements with investors.

    More Environmentally Friendly Meetings

    Array’s technology eliminates the need for paper handouts, surveys and evaluations. Not only does this increase capture rates on feedback but it reduces the time meeting planners have to spend collating results after the meeting. As they become available, presentations are loaded onto the iPads by Array and can be updated on-site in real time, eliminating print deadlines and wasted paper drafts. The platform also reduces paper use by participants because it enables them to take written or drawn notes and save slides on the iPads. These are then emailed to the participant following the meeting and details of which slides had the most notes and saves are incorporated into a Meaningful Metrics report for meeting performance analysis. When you choose to do a virtual or hybrid meeting with Array, you can reduce the carbon footprint caused by travel while providing a seamless, synchronous experience for all participants.

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