Pro Tips to Increase Virtual Event Attendees

Virtual Event Attendees

Virtual events are fast becoming the norm in all business industries. Modern businesses are shifting their attention toward virtual and hybrid events. Virtual events offer many benefits, including cost savings, easier scheduling, and increased attendee participation. Also, services like iPad rentals, laptop rentals, and others have enabled businesses to go with virtual events in any target market.

The two biggest benefits of virtual events are cost savings and increased event attendees. However, business managers and owners must strategically align the event with attendees’ agendas to increase attendee participation. Businesses can easily arrange virtual events by benefitting from high-quality tech rental services. Here’s how to boost increase virtual event attendees this year:

Work With Your Audience’s Attention Span, Not Against It

Step back before promoting your virtual event and ensure that the content and structure suit a virtual audience. An event that may sound great on paper may not be ideal for a virtual audience. For instance, a six-hour event with no breaks, engagement, or networking opportunities may not be well-received by potential attendees. A virtual event should be broken down into smaller chunks to cater to the audience’s attention spans.

The event should feel more like an interactive broadcast than a traditional “event, ” featuring celebrities and prize giveaways. Audience engagement is always directly related to the way they are treated. Make sure to work with your audience’s attention span. Do what needs to be done to keep them attentive throughout the event’s proceedings. This should include breaks and engaging activities.

Target Your Audience on Social Media

What is your event marketing strategy? Remember that more people knowing about the event will eventually play a vital role in boosting attendees and participants. With a highly competitive business dynamic worldwide, you’ll need to promote your event in various ways to capture attention.

Showcase your event’s speakers, sessions, keynotes, sponsors, and other critical aspects. Organize solid social media posting routines with the possibility of paid marketing. Also, don’t overlook the potential of paid social media advertising. It can be a potent tool for targeting your desired audience.

Consider the demographics of those interested in your event. Evaluate what industry they work in, what websites they frequent, where they get their news, and what other pages they follow. Allocate a budget to paid marketing campaigns through all major social media platforms to create the buzz.

Keep Your Event Front and Center on Your Website

If your company or organization wants to ensure high attendance for its events, prominently displaying them on your website is essential. Often, events are listed under an “events” section that not all visitors may see. To avoid this, ensure your event is visible in all relevant areas of your website.

Additionally, you can try using “Light Boxes” pop-up boxes on your website’s most popular pages to promote the event. Light boxes can be an excellent tool for gathering email addresses and increasing visitor conversion rates to your website.

Increase Your Email Marketing

According to recent research, 76% of marketers consider email the most effective method to drive registrations for virtual events. When creating your email campaigns, focus on different aspects of your event, ranging from networking times and keynotes to breakout sessions.

Additionally, make sure to communicate with attendees who have already registered. You can send them event reminders or related pre-event content that can help maintain excitement about the event. Always include an easy way to add the event to their calendars.

Give Your Sales Teams What They Need

If your business has a sales team with strong connections with customers, they can be invaluable in boosting registrations for smaller virtual events. Personal invitations are more personal and receive better responses than mass emails.

However, equipping your sales team with the necessary tools is essential. For example, ensure that your event has an engaging and well-defined description, that your landing page is user-friendly, and that the registration process is straightforward and accessible.

Cross-List Your Event

The nature of your event will strongly drive how it gets promoted. Also, promoting your event on the leading event platforms is the best way to create hype. Listing your event on major platforms is often free and can help increase your event’s visibility. If it relates to a topic people are actively searching for, listing on public platforms can be fruitful.

Lean on Your Speakers

It is important to encourage your speakers or moderators to promote your event on their social media platforms. They may have a large following that appreciates their work and would be interested in attending. It’s also important to confirm with them early on whether they can email their network or share the event details on social media.

Remember, promoting your speakers on your channels is equally important. By tagging their pages, you can help them gain followers from your audience, creating a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Offer On-Demand Content

Will you be providing on-demand recordings of the event after it’s over? If yes, make sure to mention it clearly during the registration process. It is a heads-up your audience deserves. They can still be motivated to get the content copy even if they cannot attend the event. This boosts event attendance and participation from more intended participants.

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