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Modern business events are nothing like what they used to be a few decades ago. Today, technology is of great use expanding functionality and content delivery in new ways. So many tech devices are available to make your business events much more productive. However, owning expensive iPads, laptops, screens, VR devices, and others for event purposes only can be too expensive for many businesses.

If your business doesn’t own all the required technology devices, the next best thing is to rent them at events. From boosting attendee engagement to improving content delivery, modern devices do it all. Also, Events Tech Rental is one of the best service providers for trade shows, product launch events, presentations, training sessions, conferences, board meetings, and all other types of business events.

iPad and Tablet Rentals for Events in the USA

Apple’s latest iPads and the leading Android tablets are some of the best devices for events of different kinds. Whether you are organizing a training meeting, a board meeting, a product launch event, or a tradeshow booth, iPads and Android tablets can make things so much better.

These devices improve the aesthetic of your events also adding that much more productivity. Presentations through these devices are much more efficient as well. Whether it is content delivery or a modern look you are after, iPad rentals and Android tablet hire services will provide them all.

Events Tech Rental offers:

Rent Large Display Screens for Events of All Kinds

Displays and screens are the perfect platforms for branding, advertising, and presentations. Large displays and TV screens also help attract attention at contested events like tradeshows. Renting large displays and screens, you can make your event much more modern and appealing as well.

Samsung screen hire or Toshiba screen rental is the perfect service for large event booths. Branding content display opportunities open up so much with these large displays and screens. The ability to display dynamic content improves the performance of your event booth as well.

Events Tech Rental offers:

  • Samsung 24-inch, 32-inch, 42-inch, 65 inches, and 95-inch screen rentals
  • Toshiba and Logik large screen rental services for events anywhere in the USA

MacBook and Windows Laptop Rentals for Events

Laptops have been the backbone of businesses for many years now. These productivity devices specialize in the highest complex computing powers. Whether you need MacBook rental in the USA or Windows laptop hire services anywhere in the country, our event tech rental solutions are available all year.

Rent the latest MacBook laptops, HP laptops, Dell laptops, Microsoft laptops, or Sony laptop devices any day of the week. All devices are available with delivery at your event venue or conference center. We have a wide range of laptops available for conferences, board meetings, and all other business events.

Events Tech Rental offers:

  • MacBook Pro hire, MacBook Air rental, and MacBook hire for events in the USA
  • The latest HP laptops, Sony laptops, Microsoft laptops, and Dell laptop rental solutions

Phone Hire Services for Events in the USA

For surveys, software events, and gaming events, modern smartphones are essential. iPhone rentals in the USA and Android phone hire services are available all year. Get the latest iPhone rental, Samsung Galaxy hire, and Google Pixel rental solutions with delivery at your required location.

These smaller devices are the perfect productivity tools for many business event requirements. Surveys, feedback sessions, and other similar requirements get the best results with iPhone and Android phone rental solutions. Also, we have thousands of phones available for the largest event requirements too.

Events Tech Rental offers:

  • The latest iPhone 14 hire, iPhone 13 rental, iPhone 12 hire, and iPhone X rental for events
  • Samsung Galaxy phone hire and Google Pixel phone rentals in the USA for business events

All Devices Delivered Fully Unlocked and Updated

Events Tech Rental offers the best tech device rental solutions for all requirements. We ensure iPads, laptops, and all other devices you rent are delivered fully charged and updated. Also, we provide all devices fully carrier and country unlocked for use on any network as well.

Additionally, we can provide all required event apps preinstalled on your iPads and laptop rental devices. Our tech rental for events in the USA services are available fully optimized to your requirements. Rent the latest devices and have them ready-to-use for your events anywhere in the country.

Request any custom apps to be installed and we will provide them loaded on iPads and laptops as well. Please call us today to book your iPads or laptop rental devices for events in the USA.

Doorstep Delivery and Installation Services Are Available

At Events Tech Rental, we are always looking for better ways to make your business events more convenient. We offer doorstep delivery for the latest iPads, Android tablets, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, screens and displays, and all others anywhere in the USA.

Also, setup installation services are available in major cities across the country for conferences, trade shows, and large business events. Bulk tech rental device rentals can get free installation setup at event venues, conference halls, and convention centers across the USA.

Free delivery and installation setup services are available to make our tech rental services the best value for money. Call us today to find out about availability and all other service requirements.

Affordable Tech Devices Rental Services in the USA

Every year sees new price hikes for MacBooks, iPads, large screens, and all other tech devices. Events Tech Rental makes it easy to avail full tech functionality at affordable prices. We offer the latest tech rental solutions for events in the USA any day of the week. Our services are available at cheap prices.

Book bulk tech devices with a complete set of accessories for all types of events. We provide tech rental solutions for events in the USA including conferences, tradeshow booths, board meetings, training sessions, product launch events, and all others.

Give us a call at any time or fill out our form here on the website to find out more. Bookings for the latest tech devices can be made online in advance for even cheaper price discounts.

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